“The Mover”
God of War
Aspect of Gelihast
Chaotic Evil

Race: Construct
Domains: Death; Destruction; Strength; War; Competition; Courage; Force; Hatred; Orc; Retribution; Storm; Wrath
Symbol: The Left Arm of War (a jagged, stylized shortspear)
Weapon: Any
Relationships: Family: N/A – Allies: N/A – Enemies: Peace


War took form in the very first days of the world. It has existed almost as long as the peoples of Shui.

As charged by the over Gods, Gelihast’s first task as God of Conflict was to harness the power of the inexorable Aspect of War. It wasn’t hard to find the Aspect, but it was hard to keep up with it. Three times Gelihast attempted to speak with it and convince it to willingly submit to his will. Each time the aspect did not respond and continued on its path as though Gelihast did not exist. The third such time he tracked it down and was rebuffed, Gelihast grew enraged at having been ignored so completely. Unwilling to fail at the first task assigned to him by the Over Gods, he took hold of War’s left arm and tore it free. Finally, war stopped and turned toward the God of Conflict.

Gelihast held the arm aloft and said: “Since your creation you have wandered and wanted for nothing. Now you are incomplete, and wish to have your arm back. I will return it to you at the end of days if you allow my purpose to be your own.”

War rumbled darkly. “So be it,” it said, speaking for the first time since its creation. The arm transformed into a wicked looking short spear in Gelihast’s hands, and the God knew that as long as he wielded the weapon, War would follow his commands and allow itself to be directed.




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