God of Dragons
Minor God
Neutral Evil

Race: Dragon (the original race of dragons)
Domains: Death; Destruction; Knowledge; Law; Chaos; Good; Evil; Magic; Strength; War; Charm; Competition; Domination; Dragon; Envy; Force; Gluttony; Greed; Illusion; Mentalism; Mind; Nobility; Planning; Portal; Pride; Retribution; Scalykind; Spell; Storm; Tyranny; Wealth; Wrath
Symbol: The rune that means “Dragon” in the draconic alphabet.
Relationships: Family:... – Allies:... – Enemies: Fate


Viridius was born during the war between his race and the Goddess Fate.

The Gods – shocked and frightened by the affliction of one of their own – combined their efforts to limit Fate’s power on the mortal plane, forcing her into a physical form. That done, they called on the Dragons, easily the most powerful mortals on Shui, to put aside their business and destroy Fate’s avatar.

Offended at the summons (for dragons have always been prideful things and have never responded well to someone else’s authority), they demanded a favour in exchange: they wanted their own god. While they recognized the necessity of the gods in the continued existence of the world, they had little interest in answering to a non-draconic divine authority.

Though reluctant, in the end the gods had no choice. Only the dragons were strong enough among the mortals to defeat Fate’s avatar.

And so the dragons went to war. They had never been a large population, but the fight against Fate decimated them. Ultimately they won, but at great cost – only a fifth of the Dragons remained.

Worse yet, as she died, Fate cursed the once mighty race. With her last breath she changed what remained of the unified race such that each dragon would reflect on the outside what existed within his or her soul, creating from the once monochromatic race a myriad of sub-races divided by colour and form.

From the remaining dragons, Viridius was chosen as the Dragon God; he was the most cunning and clever – traits all dragons, regardless of alignment, admire – and had successfully lead the Dragons against Fate. He was the only Dragon to have escaped Fate’s curse, and so seemed an obvious choice as the God of all Dragons.


As time went by, many of the Dragons (the metallics primarily, but also particularly prideful dragons) ceased worship of Viridius and instead, if they felt the need to worship, chose gods closer to their own alignment. Having said this, Viridius remains close enough to neutral that even the Good dragons remain respectful of him at worst.

Viridius’ high priestess is actually a Human named Sindel. The rest of his worshippers are primarily dragonkin of all kinds, with the odd representative of the other races thrown in.


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