God of Adventure and Adventurers
Aspect of Tristram
Chaotic Neutral

Race: Drow
Domains: Healing; Luck; Magic; Strength; Travel; Trickery; Celerity; Charm; Competition; Courage; Greed; Liberation; Pact; Portal; Retribution; Slime; Spell; Trade; Wealth; All Racial Domains
Symbol: A Bag of Holding
Relationships: Family:... – Allies:... – Enemies:...


Veldrin has been known to disguise himself as a mortal and join adventuring parties.

It is rumoured that he is in love with a mortal, but this has never been confirmed.


Though he has little in the way of organized religion or places of worship, Veldrin is nonetheless a popular God, given his dominion. It is not unusual to find roadside shrines to Friend Veldrin, particularly in adventurer heavy areas. It is considered good luck to stop at these shrines and leave an offering prior to a dungeon crawl.


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