God of Freedom (also an aspect of Fate)
Chaotic Good

Position: Major god, Chaos Triumverate
Aspects: Travel, Veldrin
Race: Human
Domains: Chaos; Good; Fate; All others belonging to his aspects/minor gods.
Relationships: Family: Fate (“mother”); Divination (“sister”) – Allies: – Enemies: Fate


Tristram was born of the left eye of Fate after she gouged it out and abandoned it. He is Free Will made manifest and spent his first years on Shui inciting and leading rebellions against dictators and tyrants and others who would oppress individuals. He held the freedom of the individual above all other priorities and often flew into battle to champion causes related to this.

But he was reckless and haphazard. He lacked an overall purpose, and it seemed that wherever he overthrew one dictator, another rose up in its place.

As such, when Long and Feng offered him the position of the God of Freedom within the Chaos Triumvirate (in part because he was the ideal candidate for the pillar of Freedom, and in part because he was already an aspect and potentially dangerous if not given purpose), he leapt at the opportunity. He now guides the actions of his followers in the world at large and has obtained a much broader scope of his pet causes, free will and individual rights.


Tristram’s name is invoked wherever rebellion and protest occurs. His priests are champions of individual rights and freedoms and are always on the move, seeking one cause or another to get behind, in much the same way Tristram did when he was first born. The followers of Tristram do not tolerate tyranny and corruption, and they work to thwart it wherever they go. They are generally righteous and stubborn; their conviction is unshakeable.


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