There are two types of Tieflings in Shui:

Felspawn Tieflings (also known as 3.5 Tieflings)

  • Exactly as the entry in the Monster Manual states. These are individuals with fiendish blood far back in their ancestry.
  • Personality-wise, they run the gamut from gleeful murderers to earnest paladins – they all feel the taint of their fiendish heritage, however, and must learn to cope with it in their own way.
  • Good aligned felspawn tieflings are possible, but rare. They tend toward evil, and there are many neutral individuals.
  • Like all planetouched, as native outsiders, most tieflings have a sense of not quite belonging to the world around them.

Kirik-Het Tieflings (also known as 4E Tieflings)

  • 3.5 Stat block for these Tieflings is not yet available, but will be based on the 4E version.


The race was created during Shui’s ancient history, in the time before the Gods:

A human man named Liraxxion was the twelfth son of the King of a very prosperous and large kingdom (it took up approximately a quarter of the eastern continent). Desiring the throne of his father’s kingdom, he cut a deal with the demon Kirik-Het. In exchange for his soul, and the lives of his 11 brothers, Kirki-Het would grant him not only the throne, but the power to rule the kingdom and quash all dissenters against his rule. The deal was struck, the murders committed, and Kirik-Het’s “gift” was bestowed upon Liraxxion – he became the first 4E Tiefling.

All of his subjects were required to swear and oath of fealty to him and the powers he served. If they did so, they also received Kirik’Het’s gift. If they did not, they were killed, and their bodies brought to Carrion Hill as offerings to Kirik-Het.

In truth, the King was no ruler – Kirk-Het, in possession of Liraxxion’s soul, was the true ruler. Many of his subjects referred to him as the Puppet King.

Though the stories of that time have long since been lost to antiquity, it’s known that at some point Liraxxion met a young woman named Min, who cut another deal with him – she would fight the demon for his soul, then give it back to Liraxxion in exchange for a shard that had once belonged to her.

She and Liraxxion met and killed Kirik-Het on Carrion Hill, and the deal was done. Liraxxion’s soul was returned, though Kirki-Het’s gift persisted still.

The “gift” is passed down through the bloodline, much like lycanthropy. Thus the child of a Kirik-Het tiefling, is born a Kirik-Het tiefling.


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