The Divine Triumverates

For information on the creation of the Gods, please see the appropriate section under History.

Each major God represents one of the fifteen Pillars of Creation. The Pillars themselves are arranged into Triumverates based on alignment.

Minor Gods (mortals raised to Godhood by a Major God) and Aspects (a fragment of a Major God’s power) generally fall under the jurisdiction of the Major God that created them, although there are exceptions.

The LAW Triumverate

TRUTH (Setsuni)

  • No aspects/minor gods


ORDER (Masophet)

The CHAOS Triumverate

CONFLICT (Gelihast)

FREEDOM (Tristram)


The NEUTRAL Triumverate

TRADE (Abel)

  • No aspects/minor gods



The GOOD Triumverate

LOVE (Aumana)

VIRTUE (Danté)

  • No aspect/minor gods


  • No aspect/minor gods

The EVIL Triumverate

DECEIT (Zabrahk/KA)

HATE (Asmodeus)

VICE (Lycanus)

  • No aspect/minor gods


There are a handful of minor gods that fall under no triumverate, and were created outside the normal methods. These individuals are considered Racial Gods, and are not usually worshipped outside these communities.

  • Dragon (Viridius)
  • Dwarf (Ada (Mother))
  • Dwarf (Pade (Father))
  • Orc/Troll (Neftali)
  • Illithid
  • Gith
  • Elemental Princes

The Divine Triumverates

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