Goddess of Truth
Lawful Neutral

Position: Major god, Law Triumverate
Aspects: No.
Race: Human (Female)
Domains: Knowledge; Law; Dwarf; Gnome; Inquisition; Liberation; Purification; Rune; Time
Symbol: An ornate key
Weapon: Wrought iron staff with a ring on its top carrying several keys.
Relationships: Family: None – Allies: None – Enemies: Zabrahk/KA; Mizrahi


Setsuni was originally from the Harad Desert before her ascension. She was a desert wanderer with no family or friends, no clan, and no home. Her separation from these things, and, in fact, her lack of a need for them, provided her with a uniquely clear view of the world around her. She has maintained her lonely existence as a God, calling no one ally, and no one family; this distance is necessary to maintain her outside view of events – a critical element in being able to discern the Truth of things.

Following similar logic, and in order to further support her position as the Pillar of Truth, she requested from Long and Feng the ability to operate outside Time itself; M’uru, and eventually Tristram, championed her request. The move was opposed vehemently by Mizrahi, who was unhappy with the idea of the Pillar of Truth being removed entirely from his reach. His repeated attempts to court her to his service had already been rejected on the basis that his search for Truth was motivated by greed, not by pure intentions. Eventually, Long and Feng relented beneath the calls from the three Gods and allowed Setsuni to leave time behind and operate outside its strings.


Truth’s worshippers are dedicated to the concept of an absolute Truth. They, like their God, are often under self-imposed exile, rejecting offers of companionship and family in the interests of maintaining as pure an outlook as possible; a cleric of Setsuni abhors bias and attempts to avoid it. Ultimately, her clerics are pitied by Setsuni, as their mortal nature makes it impossible for them to see things as clearly as she, but she admires and rewards their efforts and dedication.


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