“Demon Prince of Undeath”
God of Undeath
Minor God under Asmodeus

Race: Demon Prince
Domains: Death; Destruction; Evil; Cold; Darkness; Deathbound; Domination; Hatred; Pestilence; Suffering; Undeath
Weapon: Wand of Orcus (a heavy mace tipped with an enormous skull)
Relationships: Family: No. – Allies: ... – Enemies: Nature, Ben, M’uru


Several millenia ago, the original God of Undeath (an aspect of Asmodeus) was slain by the Demon Prince of Undeath, Orcus, and his skull taken as a trophy to adorn the head of Orcus’ mace. Orcus had thrown himself and his forces against Undeath for years, desiring Undeath’s power and control of his domain in the Shadowfell, but his efforts always proved futile. Immortal he may have been, but he was no God.

However, in the end, Undeath was betrayed by the other aspects of Asmodeus, who believed that in removing one of their number, there would be more of Asmodeus’ favour and power to go around. Together, they tricked Undeath’s True Name from Asmodeus (his Creator) and surreptitiously arranged for that information to be conveyed to Orcus, who wasted little time in using it to destroy the God of Undeath.

The delight of Murder and Opression was short-lived. Much to the surprise of all involved – not the least of which, Orcus – Asmodeus offered the suddenly vacant position of God of Undeath to the Demon Prince. Understandably suspicious of the offer, and not a fan of the idea of working for the King of Devils, Orcus rejected the offer outright – until, that is, Asmodeus informed him that one of the perks of the position was Undeath’s dominion in the Shadowfell. Orcus had plotted and schemed for control of that very place for so long, even his mistrust and hatred for Asmodeus and his ilk was not enough to cause him to reject the offer a second time.

None but Asmodeus understand the decision, but to date it has worked in his favour. Murder and Oppression are ten times more suspicious of Orcus than they had been of the original Undeath, and are more afraid than ever of raising a hand against Asmodeus, when they obviously understand so little of his schemes and plans (doubts linger as to whether they actually tricked Undeath’s True Name from Asmodeus or Asmodeus tricked them). In addition, the implication that he cares very little for his aspects and considers them easily replaceable has not escaped them.

For his part, Orcus greatly enjoys the power afforded him as a god, and has been busily customizing the Shadowfell to his liking. He remains content, for now, but how long that will last remains to be seen.

There is also much speculation as to which side of the Blood War he will fall on, should the uneasy truce ever end and the battle begin again.


As per the 4E Monster Manual, page 206-210.


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