Goddess of the Orcs and Trolls
Minor God
True Neutral

Race: Half-Orc, Half-Troll
Domains: Air; Animal; Earth; Fire; Magic; Protection; War; Water; Charm; Community; Family; Glory; Liberation; Mysticism; Orc; Pact; Retribution; Storm; Wrath
Symbol: A crude wooden shield in front of two crossed spears – one of orcish design, the other trollish
Weapon: The ceremonial spears of her people
Relationships: Family: Neftali has taken a mortal husband, Khalee, who is reincarnated in alternation between the orcs and trolls when he dies – Allies:... – Enemies:...


Neftali is one of the youngest Gods in existence, ringing in at just over 1000 years old.

No one knows who her parents were originally, or how it’s even possible that a child could be spawned of both an Orc and a Troll, though popular myth suggests it was the Ancestors that arranged such things. One way or another it had never happened before, and despite the truce between the two races it hasn’t happened since.

She was born during the time when the existence of the Orcish and Trollish communities that peppered the plains of the eastern continent were on the brink of extinction. The Elves and Gnomes in the bordering regions had finally reached a breaking point in the face of constant raids from either of the monstrous races. They formed an alliance with the intentions of wiping their borders, and a good deal more, clean of the Orcs and Trolls.

Two powerful Spirit Shamans of the time – Kukirika, a Troll, and Goshar, an Orc – were granted a vision in which their respective ancestors appeared before them, and led them to a baby. When the vision had ended, each immediately set out to follow the path showed to them in their dreams, coming upon the infant Neftali at the same time. Though each intended to kill the other over the child, fate intervened and a troop of Elves spotted them and attacked. They were forced to flee or risk losing the child entirely.

The hid in a nearby cave without speaking as the Elves continued to hunt for them, each still intending to kill the other as soon as he fell asleep and flee with the child. As luck (or the spirits) would have it, however, they succumbed to sleep at the same time, and were again granted a vision. If the Trolls and Orcs were to be saved, the custody of the child would have to be split evenly between the Orcish Clans and Trollish Tribes; she would have to be trained in the way of the Shaman; and when she came of age, both Orcs and Trolls would have to follow her into battle – together – against the Gnomes and the Elves if they were to have a hope of preserving their lives and their land.

Grudgingly, Kukirika and Goshar obeyed. As one would expect, Neftali was a prodigy, learning the ways of the Shaman, as well as the individual histories, cultures and traditions of both races at a rapid pace. When she was seven (human equivalent: 13) she declared that she was ready to lead her people into battle, and by that point, she had made enough of an impression that the superstitious people were more than willing to follow her.

It came at a good time. While she had been learning, the Orcs and Trolls had continued to struggle separately against the interlopers to little effect. Slowly, over the years, their territory had been cut further and further back. The opportunity to turn the tide was welcome.

The Gnomes and Elves were not expecting a unified assault – in fact had never even imagined that the Orcs and Trolls could unite against them – and Neftali, with the wisdom and power of the ancestors from both races behind her, used this to full advantage.

Within a year the Trolls and Orcs not only pushed the invaders back, but claimed new lands for themselves as well, carving them largely from the Elven territory. The Gnomes, shorter lived and quicker to adapt, adjusted to the new tactics long before their longer-lived allies.


Neftali was hailed as an Ancestor incarnate – as close as one could get to a God – and time has only cemented this belief in the minds of both her peoples. Although they returned, almost immediately, to their raiding and constant battles between themselves and each other, both sides show the utmost respect for Neftali. Her sanctuary is considered neutral ground, and the harshest penalties are enacted on those who break the circumstantial truce there.

For her own part, Neftali continued to grow as a Shaman and forge ever-deeper connections with her ancestors on both sides. She has become a nexus for all the ancestors worshipped by the Trolls and Orcs, and through this garnered enough power to provide her worshippers access to Divine spellcasting. Though no one can say for sure whether she is actually a God or not, the difference is moot as far as most are concerned, and woe betide anyone foolish enough to question her divinity to an Orc or Troll.


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