God of Knowledge
True Neutral

Position: Major God, Neutral Triumverate
Aspects: Divination; History
Race: Fey (specifically a Gnarl)
Domains: Craft; Creation; Gluttony; Gnome; Greed; Lust; Planning; Pride; All others belonging to his aspects/minor gods.
Relationships: Family: Divination (“daughter”); History (“son”) – Allies: History; Divination – Enemies: M’uru; Tristram


Mizrahi encourages the pursuit of knowledge in all its forms, no matter how trivial or dangerous. He, himself, pursues his desired facts obsessively, often going to great lengths to collect even the smallest tidbit of information. Though he has no desire to actively cause anyone harm, ethics are not his primary concern, and given the choice between ethics and his pursuit of knowledge, he is more than willing to abandon the former.

Mizrahi grew enamoured of Setsuni, Goddess of Truth, shortly after her ascension – whether legitimately or because of the Pillar for which she stood remains up for debate. Setsuni certainly believed it to be the latter, because she summarily rejected his continued advances. When she petitioned Long and Feng to be removed from the confines of Time, Mizrahi viciously objected, but was ultimately drowned out beneath the supporting calls of M’uru and Tristram. Though he does not actively pursue an agenda against them, Mizrahi harbours bitterness toward the two major Gods for their part in removing Setsuni from his reach entirely.

Mizrahi has two “children”: the first is History, whom he built out of metal and gears and imbued with an aspect of his essence. His intended purpose for History was to be a record keeper and vessel for the wealth of information he had collected. In addition, by delegating the recording of history to his “son”, Mizrahi freed his own time and attention to the further pursuit of knowledge.

The second is the minor Goddess Divination. Mizrahi stole the Right Eye of Fate after she gouged it out. Rather than allowing the eye to become a person in its own right (as Tristram had), Mizrahi fashioned a body of flesh and bound the right eye of Fate to it, imbuing the form with life and a portion of its mother’s power. This “daughter” is the Minor Godddess of Divination, and provides him with yet another information resource – and an extraordinarily powerful one at that.


For the worshippers of Mizrahi, knowledge is power. They spend their lives in research – some surround themselves with books and scrolls, others go “out in the field” to search for the answers they seek. They are determined to leave no question unanswered, or mystery unsolved. They are philosophers, scientists, and historians. Some are specialists in their field, some are veritable Bags of Holding full of mismatched tidbits of information.

When dealing with the Church of Mizrahi, their favoured currency is information. A suitably enticing fact or potential learning is often the asking price for a Cleric of Knowledge’s services.

It is the dream of any priest of Knowledge to eventually write something that will be considered worthy of inclusion in The Encyclopaedia – an immense library-complex located in Sol’terin, a Sun Elven Kingdom on the western continent, maintained by a council comprised of members of both the Priesthood of Mizrahi, Ars Magica, and the Psion’s Guild.


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