Goddess of the Sea
Minor God under M’uru
Chaotic Neutral

Race: Mermaid
Domains: Water; Balance; Cold; Ocean; Storm; Windstorm
Relationships: Family: Naam-Tien (lover) – Allies: M’uru, Aumana, Nature – Enemies:...


Once upon a time, Michiru was a human bard, and Naam-Tien her Githyanki lover. They were also outcasts; neither of their respective peoples approved of their relationship, and, as many lovers do, they chose to proceed despite this lack of blessing. Michiru slipped easily from the sight of her angry family – in a world full of humans, it wasn’t hard. The Githyanki, however, are harder to escape, and Naam-Tien stood out in many places on the material plane.

His family hired the ruthless pirate, Captain Firebeard, to ensure that his relationship with Michiru was ended before any more shame was brought upon them, and to retrieve their prodigal son.

The pirate found his chance one winter, as Michiru and Naam-Tien signed on with a merchant vessel to make an ocean crossing. Firebeard came upon their ship and attacked without mercy. His men captured Michiru and Naam-Tien and the ship’s cargo, then sank the vessel, with the crew and captain still aboard.

Naam-Tien was immediately forced into work upon the ship. Firebeard had been paid to do away with Michiru, but he decided at the last minute to wait until closer to the end of their journey – after all, there were plenty of uses for a pretty human bard on a pirate ship at sea.

It was a terrible time for the young lovers, but they continued to take solace in each other where they could.

At last, however, their holds bursting with stolen goods, and Naam-Tien ’s family running low on patience, Firebeard decided it was time to kill Michiru and head for shore.

When he realized what was taking place, Naam-Tien flew into a rage and blindly lunged for Firebeard; however he was caught and restrained by the crew; helpless as they forced Michiru onto the plank.

In the struggle, the captain’s pet hawk – who Naam-Tien had befriended over the course of their ordeal – was released. As Michiru was forced off the plank, into the water, the hawk urged Naam-Tien to follow her, and promised to intercede on his behalf with M’uru. Unwilling to return to his family after what they’d done, and unwilling to let Michiru die alone, Naam-Tien agreed, breaking free of his captor’s hold and throwing himself over the side after Michiru.

In the moment their fingers touched for the last time – Michiru already under the waves, and Naam-Tien just above – Aumana, who had been charmed by the young lovers some time previous and had been watching their story develop with interest, interceded on Michiru’s behalf with M’uru; for the young bard was beyond the Child Goddess’ aid, and the Sea was M’uru’s domain. The Hawk added his own voice to Aumana’s plea, on [[Naam-Tien]]’s behalf, for the Githyanki had been kind to him when no one else had, and the Sky, like the Sea, belong to M’uru.

Faced with the double entreaty, M’uru acquiesced. Michiru sank beneath the waves and M’uru changed her shape, replacing her human legs with the long, graceful tail of a fish, and granting her dominion over the Sea on his behalf.

Naam-Tien never touched the waves. He found himself rising into the sky, over which M’uru granted him dominion on the God of Balance’s behalf.

Immediately upon their ascension, before even fully understanding what had happened, Michiru and Naam-Tien lashed out at Firebeard and his ship, creating the worst storm in the history of Shui. The pirates were lost beneath the waves, and the hurricane continued until spring before the new gods’ fury burned itself out.

It’s said that from the angry tears shed by Michiru during that storm sprang the race of the mermaids, and it’s true that the mermaids hold Michiru to be their mother. They sing the men aboard ships to their deaths as vengeance against Firebeard and his crew.

It’s also widely believed that when a storm descends on the sea, it’s Naam-Tien , reacting to the presence of evil sailors, and protecting his love.

The name Firebeard has become a curse, and is not uttered aboard ships, for fear of inciting the wrath of the two minor gods.

The story of Michiru and Naam-Tien is a popular one, told by bards all over the world.


Michiru only accepts clerics of aquatic nature. She is a primary god for ocean dwelling races, but anyone with dealings with the sea will often throw a request for a blessing her way now and then, and during a bad storm, sailors often pray to her to intercede with Naam-Tien to calm him and the storm.


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