“The Laughing God”
God of Vice
Neutral Evil

Position: Major God, Evil Triumverate
Aspects: No
Domains: Evil; Luck; Darkness; Slime, Magic, plus those of the chosen Chapter1
Symbol: A laughing Hyena
Relationships: Family:... – Allies: Abel – Enemies: Karn, Wordeen, Aumana, Danté


Lycanus has long been infatuated with the Child Goddess, Aumana. The scholars at The Encyclopaedia have cobbled together from a variety of sources, a tale in which Zabrahk secretly helped the God of Vice kidnap the child.

Zabrahk then offered his services to Aumana’s enraged father in exchange for two things: first, Karn was to take the blame for the rescue, as strictly speaking members of one triumvirate were not supposed to directly attack each other, and secondly, he wanted a simple item crafted – a cage capable of holding two drastically weakened Gods with few worshippers to bolster them. Touched by the unexpected offer of help, and unaware of Zabrahk’s own part in the kidnapping of his daughter, Karn agreed to forge the cage, but only upon the return of his beloved Aumana. Though leery of Zabrahk’s true intentions, Karn could foresee no possible use for such an item, as how would one possibly weaken two Gods to the point where they would be unable to break free? And where would one find a God with so few worshippers (it should be noted that this was before the days of minor Gods; even the Aspects had substantial followings)?

Zabrahk easily infiltrated Lycanus’ hidden stronghold and rescued Aumana, leaving behind one of Karn’s smithing hammers as false evidence. As good as his word, and overjoyed at his daughter’s return, Karn immediately set to work crafting the cage for Zabrahk. The purpose, use, and fate of the cage is unknown, and remains one of the great historical mysteries recorded at The Encyclopaedia.


The Church of Lycanus is divided into seven Chapters – Pride, Vanity, Sloth, Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Gluttony. Though a cleric of Lycanus may worship the concept of Vice in its entirety, it is more common for his worshippers to divide themselves according to chapter and actively promote their chosen vice. These chapters will work together externally, but are often at odds with each other internally. The Church is highly politicized, with many alliances and betrayals occurring at all levels, at all times. A cleric who does not learn to navigate the inner workings of the Church does not last very long.

Mechanically speaking, a Cleric of Vice as a whole concept, who does not choose a chapter, can only select domains from the list below Lycanus. To gain access to the domains assigned to a chapter, you have to choose to follow that chapter. Only one chapter can be followed per cleric, chosen upon taking your first cleric level. Switching chapters is possible, but complicated, and exceptionally dangerous.


Pride (LE): Competition; Drow; Dwarf; Elf; Envy; Gnome; Nobility; Pride; Retribution; Wrath; Domination
Vanity (LE): Charm; Drow; Elf; Envy; Illusion; Nobility; Pride; Retribution; Wealth
Sloth (NE): Cold; Dream; Nobility; Sloth; Wealth
Greed (NE): Craft; Domination; Drow; Gnome; Envy; Gluttony; Greed; Hunger; Lust; Trade; Wealth
Lust (CE): Charm; Domination; Envy; Gnome; Greed; Hunger; Lust; Trade; Wealth
Wrath (CE): Fire; Strength; Trickery; Dwarf; War; Competition; Elf; Force; Hatred; Madness; Orc; Retribution; Scalykind; Storm; Wrath
Gluttony (NE): Dwarf; Gluttony; Gnome; Greed; Hunger; Lust; Trade; Wealth


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