“The Good Smith”
God of Craft
Minor God of Art
Chaotic Good

Race: Minotaur
Domains: Craft; Creation; Dwarf; Halfling; Metal; Rune; Spider; Trade
Weapon: Hammer
Relationships: Family: Aumana (adopted daughter) – Allies: Aumana; Invention – Enemies: Lycanus


Legend has it that Karn caught the god of Art’s attention because of the perfection of his works – weapons and architecture and other things so beautiful as to be art. Even before Art approached him, he was recognized as the premier craftsman in all of Shui, and people travelled far and wide to commission him.

Karn initially refused the major god’s offer to join his pantheon; the minotaur was uninterested in being a god, and only wished to continue his work, expanding his knowledge of the various crafting arts and developing his skill in working with the many different materials available. Ever cunning, however, and not easily dissuaded, Art rephrased his offer – extending instead the position of Craftsman to the Gods; in exchange for taking the mantle and responsibilities of a god, Karn would be granted materials that only a god could have access to, and be given tasks to challenge him – and after years of perfecting his skills, Karn was hungry for a challenge.

At last he agreed, and was named God of Craft.

At about the same time as he ascended, Aumana was chosen as the Goddess of Love. Karn was immediately charmed by her small size and apparent frailty; upon learning she was an orphan, and more than a little horrified that so much responsibility had been placed on shoulders so small and young, Karn appointed himself the adopted father of Aumana. The large minotaur dotes on the child goddess, and is fiercely protective of her.


Karn has no organized priesthood, per se, but he is the Patron Saint of Craftsmen, and it is not unusual to see shrines to the large God in the corners of smithies, wood shops, and other similar places. Usually a small offering is made at the start of the day consisting of a chunk of whatever material you’re planning to work with. A second offering is made at the end of the day consisting of a bit of whatever offal remains from your work (saw dust, slag, etc.).


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