“The True Goddess of the Wastes”
Goddess of Deceit
Lawful Evil

Position: Major God, Evil Triumverate
Aspect Trickery (aspect of Zabrahk, now under KA)
Race: Human
Domains: Death; Destruction; Strength; War; Force; Greed; Hatred; Madness (KA only); Mentalism (Zabrahk only); Mind (Zabrahk only); Retribution; Wrath (KA only); All others belonging to his aspects/minor gods
Symbol: Snake (Zabrahk); Scorpion (KA)
Weapon1: Sacrificial Dagger (Zabrahk); Hand of Fate (KA).
Relationships: Family: No. – Allies: Lycanus; Trickery (Zabrahk only) Fate – Enemies: Trickery (KA only)

1 For the purposes of the War Domain special ability, the Deity’s chosen weapon remains the Sacrificial Dagger, even after KA ascends.


Both KA and Zabrahk are worshipped primarily in and around the Wastes. Zabrahk was the original God of Deceit, and Ka was his high priestess and first disciple.

After a long period of relative stability and growth within the Wastes and Zabrahk’s priesthood, the God left his people abruptly, with promises that he would return when they’d proven themselves worthy. Like everything else the God had promised, this was a lie. Few realized it, until decades later.

Ka, who was named Zabrahk’s Fourth Disciple just before his abandonment, and those Zabrans loyal to her above all else wasted little time. They worked quietly at first, usurping what worship they could from the absent god and transferring it to the mortal Ka, even while they built the great city Rak Zemlya in Zabrahk’s name.

As the crucial point in their schemes approached, Ka left the Wastes for a location known to very few people, leaving her own right-hand in charge of things. When Ka returned, she had somehow obtained a massive blade she referred to as the Hand of Fate – a blade she claimed was powerful enough to slay even a God. She had paid a high price for it, however. Previous concerns about her mental stability proved valid, as her moods had grown violent and unpredictable while she was away.

Wielding the Hand of Fate, KA and her followers began a surprise rebellion within Rak Zemlya. The fighting was fierce but final. When it was over, Ka and her followers held the great city.

Perhaps he sensed the growing threat at home, or perhaps his people had somehow proven themselves worthy in the rebellion, but Zabrahk returned shortly afterward. Upon his return, Ka did the impossible, and struck her God down with the Hand of Fate.

The Pillar of Deceit could not be left without a God, and KA had demonstrated her worthiness for the position during the course of her machinations. There were not many others who could have deceived Deceit so completely. She was appointed in Zabrahk’s place as the guardian of the Pillar of Deceit by Long, and thus became KA.


KA’s capital city is Rak Zemlya, to which her worshippers make regular pilgrimages. Her High Priestess and First Disciple is Rose.


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