God of Vengeance
Aspect of Margulis
Lawful Evil

Race: Celestial (black wings)
Domains: Destruction; Strength; Competition; Drow; Envy; Halfling; Hatred; Inquisition; Pride; Retribution; Spider; Storm; Suffering; Wrath
Symbol: A single, black-feathered wing, outstretched to the right.
Relationships: Family:... – Allies:... – Enemies:...


See Margulis. Jericho is Margulis’ “Evil-Shoulder-Angel”


Jericho and his followers tend toward an emotional reaction to injury and crime. Where a follower of Janos might weigh the situation carefully, and impartially decide what punishment is equal to the crime committed, a follower of Jericho is more concerned with ensuring the offender is punished, often to a disproportionate degree. Although often Jericho and Janos can find common ground in each other’s judgments, often they do not. Jericho and his followers frequently feel that the Church of Justice does not go far enough in punishing offenders – whether in the weight of their punishments, or in the number of people punished.

Followers of Jericho honour long-lived quests for vengeance, and those who pursue said quests above all others. A cleric of Jericho will do his or her utmost to help an individual on such a quest, as such things are considered a pilgrimage of sorts, and the completion of a quest akin to a ritual of purification.

In order to become a Cleric of Jericho, an individual must have undergone such a ritual.


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