God of Justice
Aspect of Margulis
Lawful Good

Race: Celestial (blue skin, white wings)
Domains: Law; Protection; Dwarf; Halfling; Inquisition; Liberation; Purification; Retribution
Symbol: A single white-feathered wing, outstretched to the left.
Weapon: Large, 2-handed, straight-edged sword.
Relationships: Family:... – Allies: ... – Enemies: ...


See Margulis. Janos is Margulis’ “Good-Shoulder-Angel”.


Janos and his followers are concerned with fair and equitable treatment of both offenders and victims. They agree wholeheartedly with Margulis’ overall decree that there should be consequences for one’s actions, but are determined that these consequences not outweigh the action itself (be the consequences punishment or reward). They are also concerned with restitution for victims and so on. They are heavily involved in the courts all over the world, and nothing is more abhorrent to them than a corrupt court-system. They strive to demonstrate in all things that justice is the better path than vengeance, and that fairness should be paramount in all aspects of one’s life.

Primarily worshipped by paladins and clerics, though many monks also follow Janos.


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