The beginning was begun with a simple realization: I am lonely. They both realized it; perhaps in the same instant, perhaps aeons apart, but regardless, that was the start.

The first realization, of course, was followed by a second: I exist! _ And then a third: _If I exist, there must be another – at least one other – else I would not. _And finally, a fourth: _If I exist, and another exists (for another must exist), then perhaps, perhaps, there is no need for me to be lonely anymore…

And for a while, these realizations contented them. The thought that another might exist was enough to quell the empty ache, and the realization that they existed at all was a new and exciting thought. Whether previously they had existed, and just not realized it, or else they had not existed until the moment they realized they were lonely remains up for debate.

And of course, these new thoughts, once their novelty wore off and the loneliness inevitably set back in, lead to implications of various sorts:

If I exist, and this other exists, but we are not together, then there must be space between us…

And, quite suddenly, there was.

If I exist, and this other exists, and there is space between us, then I must be able to move within the space…

And, quite suddenly, they could.

If I exist, and this other exists, and there is space between us, and I am able to move within the space, then I must be able to search for this other, maybe even find this other!

And, quite suddenly, they did. And they recognized each other – each as the other’s other – and were delighted with the discovery.

I know you! Said the one.

And I you! Said the other.

And they sat and talked for aeons.

And as they explored each other, many more realizations came to light, and each realization spun off it’s own set of implications:

I am light and you are dark! Said the one. And the space became Space – an infinite canvass of darkness, broken here and there by the pricks of light from the stars.

I am law and you are chaos! Said the other. And within the Space a world was formed of the dust of the two beings’ discoveries, and here and there a rift opened and folded reality over and around the world with layers as thick and varied as there were stars in Space.

I am life and you are death! Said the one. And across the Space, and across the Planes, and across the world, things lived, and they died, and they lived again.

And it was good


Long and Feng took their time in examining their spontaneous creation and the pillars which supported its existence. They determined that though the pillars were strong, they were unsupported themselves, and vulnerable to the various forces of existence. The realized that the best way to ensure the pillars remained strong was to anchor them firmly in that which they supported – Shui. And so, having determined this, they began to watch Shui and its peoples, to determine who they would choose as the guardians of the pillars and, for all intents and purposes, to become those pillars themselves. Over the course of millennia they began to very carefully and very selectively choose mortals who exemplified the pillars upon which the world rested, and give those mortals a choice. Once they’d found someone to accept, that individual was fused with the pillar in question, and thus was reborn a God – 15 pillars, and 15 Gods.


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