God of History

God of History
Aspect of Mizrahi
True Neutral

Race: Warforged
Domains: Knowledge; War; Elf; Dwarf; Halfling; Inquisition; Mentalism; Mind; Rune; Spell; Time
Relationships: Family: Divination (“sister”); Mizrahi (“father”) – Allies: Divination – Enemies:...


Mizrahi’s first “child” is History, whom he built out of metal and gears and imbued with an aspect of his essence. His intended purpose for History was to be a record keeper and vessel for the wealth of information he had collected. In addition, by delegating the recording of history to his son, Mizrahi freed his own time and attention for the further pursuit of knowledge.

History, although technically an independent individual, remains largely mechanical. His time is spent recording events as they transpire, and cataloguing his father’s work. He is slow and methodical, and has not yet grown into his free will. His sister is dedicated to helping him achieve true independence, but History’s inherent mechanical nature, coupled with their father’s interference, makes the task a difficult one.


History has few direct worshippers, if any. Instead, most people worship Mizrahi, and pay their respects to History through his father. Many historians, however, do hold History up as the model of a good historical recorder – mechanical, unbiased, and removed from events.

God of History

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