Game Style


  • Equal mix RP and combat…DM leans toward RP, but she recognizes that some people like them some mechanics, and, secretly, sometimes she does too.
  • Twinking = please no. If you know something is an exploit or potentially game-breaking, please do your best to resist temptation. This is only the DM’s second campaign, and the last one was the weird Revised Core Star Wars rules. Mercy will be reciprocal.
  • Story-Driven Campaign – adventures don’t happen in a vacuum. Each game will (hopefully) tie in with the others and pull together into a story that will be carried out throughout the course of the campaign.
  • The DM(s) will each have a character in the party because as much as we like DMing, we also like playing, and we are greedy and selfish like that.


  • Campaign Starting Level – Level 1; Expected Eventual Campaign End – Level 20 or close to it. Potential for Epic Campaign after this one.
  • Alignment Restrictions = No. Having said that, if you’re going to play an evil character, you will be expected to role-play responsibly within that alignment; by which I mean, design your character so that (s)he’s not going to stab party members in the back, cause unnecessary friction within the group (IC or OOC), and so on. “But he’s evil” isn’t really an acceptable justification for griefing. It’s entirely possibly to play an evil character WITHOUT griefing.

Game Style

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