Fey PC Races


  • Changelings are now Fey, but otherwise mechanically identical to the race described in the Ebberon campaign setting.
  • Changelings are fey children who were swapped for humanoid children for reasons known only to the fey.
  • Sometimes these children are left with a clue as to where they came from (an item, possibly a name) but more often they are simply left.
  • Personality wise, the changelings are widely varied. Often it depends on their backgrounds. Many parents will adopt a changeling baby as their own, even while mourning the loss of their actual child. Many others curse the child as an ill omen or a poor substitute and abandon it. Societal attitudes toward changelings vary from place to place, and changeling to changeling. Some have it easier than others.
  • Due to their fey-nature and natural shape shifting abilities, they often find it difficult to garner trust in their natural forms. In addition, their odd, half-finished appearance (not to mention their origins) often sets people on edge.
  • Having said that, their shape-changing abilities make it very easy for them to get along, or hide within society. And even without these abilities, they may still find acceptance and trust if they wish it in more progressive areas of the world.


  • As in per the 4E PHB.
  • Modifications: The Eladrin are not as common in the Feywild as the Manual of the Planes might suggest, nor as prevalent in the Court of Stars. They do have an Archfey representative among its members, however.

Unique (NPC Only)

  • There are also unique changelings and eladrin (always NPC) with specific or odd abilities (i.e., Portal from the Crown of Min campaign) instead of the usual.

Fey PC Races

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