“The Dreamer”
Goddess of Diviniation
Minor God under Mizrahi (also an aspect of Fate)
True Neutral

Race: Human
Domains: Knowledge; Magic; Balance; Dream; Fate; Inquisition; Mentalism; Mind; Moon; Mysticism; Oracle; Rune; Sloth; Spell
Relationships: Family: Mizrahi (“father”), Fate (“mother”); Tristram (brother); History (“brother”) – Allies: Fate – Enemies:...


Mizrahi stole the right eye of Fate before it could become a person in its own right (like Tristram). He fashioned a body of flesh and bone, resembling a beautiful human female, and inserted the eye , imbuing the form with life and a portion of its mother’s power.

Born (in a roundabout way) of Fate and Knowledge, she became the Minor God of Divination. To avoid her mother’s curse she keeps the eye of Fate covered, and spends her time asleep, operating from a dream realm of her own creation. She limits her knowledge and doles out prophecies only as necessary. She remains a mystery to all but her closest followers.

She is wary of her father, as she recognizes his “love” for what it is – she knows she is little more than yet another tool for his obsession. She is fond of History, and protective of him. She is frightened of her mother and her mother’s curse – she knows that her mother’s love, unlike her father’s, is legitimate, but poisoned by jealousy and hate, because Divination has managed – so far – to avoid the fate that befell her mother.


The Goddess of Divination has no Clerics, only Favoured Souls (Complete Divine). She picks and chooses her worshippers. As a result, the one-step rule for alignment does not necessarily apply to this God. She does not deny her visions based on alignment.

Her priests worship through sleep. They all have access the dream realm, and it is in the sole temple in this realm where they worship while they sleep.

Hers is a very small, but much in demand following. They are widely considered oracles of startling clarity and accuracy. As a result, they are well respected and are generally offered preferential treatment and high pay for their services. In addition, because there are so few of them and they meet every night while they sleep, to harm one is to incite the wrath of them all, and few wish to be on the bad side of the followers of Divination.


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