Goddess of Peace
Aspect of M’uru
Neutral Good

Race: Unknown
Domains: Healing; Protection; Balance; Cavern; Drow; Elf; Glory; Liberation; Purification; Renewal
Symbol: A stylized, five-pointed star.
Weapon: No.
Relationships: Family:... – Allies: M’uru; Masophet; Aumana – Enemies: Gelihast; War; Hate


Ben is an aspect of M’uru, created relatively recently (last thousand years-ish). In the current era of play, her race is not recognized.

She appears as a very tall elf; her skin is a very pale blue (almost white), her hair is a dark blue, and her ears are longer than even the Sun Elves. Her eyes glow brightly.


The Church of Ben is a standard religious organization of medium size and membership within the Shadowlands. Beyond the borders of the Shadowlands the religion is slowly catching on, however it is still relatively new and is competing with much larger, better-established religions for worshippers. The religion consists of two branches: the Priests of Ben (75% of the organization), and the Paladins of Ben (25% of the organization).

In addition, the members of the organization Jekkiel’s Watch in the [Shadowlands] operate in memory of her late Right-Hand, Jekkiel (a solar).

Ben’s followers hold peace – internal and external – to be of the highest importance. They are often diplomats and negotiators, preferring, where possible to resolve conflicts through non-violent means. Only when pushed to the absolute point of no return will a follower of Ben take up the sword in pursuit of Peace. In the troubled times afflicting Shui, not even Ben herself can deny that there is sometimes no other way, as much as one might wish otherwise.

Unlike most of the gods, and M’uru’s aspects in particular, Ben is very active in the Material Plane. Her celestial hosts are at work in the world, though none – not even the highest echelons of her church – can say why.

Ben and her followers take particular issue with demons and devils.


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