“The Child Goddess”
Goddess of Love
Neutral Good

Position Major God, Good Triumverate
Aspects: Mercedès; Mo
Race: All
Domains: Sun; Charm; Community; Family; Glory; Moon; All others belonging to his aspects/minor gods
Symbol: A stylized Heart
Weapon: None
Relationships: Family: Karn (adopted father) – Allies: Wordeen – Enemies: Lycanus


Aumana appears at all times as a child of the equivalent of approximately 8 human-years old. She can appear as a child of any race.

Love, in this case, does not refer only to romantic love, but all types of true love.


Aumana is worshipped by many from all walks of life. In addition to a Cleric of Wordeen, a Cleric of Aumana is often present at weddings and other, similar events.

Aumana has a Church of Clerics. She is also worshipped by a handful of paladins, who, beyond the fact that they are all Knights in the service of a deity, are really more like Knight Errants than anything else. There is no Order, and no Code, beyond “Love Thy Brother”. Mechanically speaking, they can take levels in Paladin, regardless.

Aumana has been known to select Favoured Souls, should a particular individual catch her attention. These individuals are not often advised of Aumana’s choice – or given their own in the matter – and most could be considered an odd fit in terms of suitability, but to date none have proven to be anything but exemplary by the time they’ve settled into their role.

Her followers try to be kind, merciful, and generous. They hold Love as the greatest of emotions and the strongest of bonds, and revere it in all its forms.


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