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  • The Divine Triumverates

    For information on the creation of the Gods, please see the appropriate section under [[History]]. Each major God represents one of the fifteen Pillars of Creation. The Pillars themselves are arranged into Triumverates based on alignment. Minor …

  • Janos

    *God of Justice*
    _*Aspect of [[Margulis]]*_
    *Lawful Good*
    |*Race:*|Celestial (blue skin, white wings)| |*Domains:*|Law; Protection; Dwarf; Halfling; Inquisition; Liberation; Purification; Retribution| |*Symbol:*|A …

  • Jericho

    *God of Vengeance*
    *_Aspect of [[Margulis]]_*
    *Lawful Evil*
    |Race:|Celestial (black wings)| |Domains:|Destruction; Strength; Competition; Drow; Envy; Halfling; Hatred; Inquisition; Pride; Retribution; Spider; Storm; …

  • War

    *_“The Mover”_*
    *God of War*
    _*Aspect of [[Gelihast]]*_
    *Chaotic Evil* |*Race:*|Construct| |*Domains:*|Death; Destruction; Strength; War; Competition; Courage; Force; Hatred; Orc; Retribution; Storm; Wrath| |*Symbol:*|The Left Arm of …

  • Tristram

    *God of Freedom _(also an aspect of [[Fate]])_*
    *Chaotic Good*
    |*Position:*|Major god, Chaos Triumverate| |*Aspects:*|[[Travel]], [[Veldrin]]| |*Race:*|Human| |*Domains:*|Chaos; Good; Fate; All others belonging to his …

  • Veldrin

    *God of Adventure and Adventurers*
    *_Aspect of [[Tristram]]_*
    *Chaotic Neutral*
    |*Race:*|Drow| |*Domains:*|Healing; Luck; Magic; Strength; Travel; Trickery; Celerity; Charm; Competition; Courage; Greed; Liberation; Pact …

  • Ben

    *Goddess of Peace*
    *_Aspect of [[M’uru]]_*
    *Neutral Good*
    |*Race:*|Unknown| |*Domains:*|Healing; Protection; Balance; Cavern; Drow; Elf; Glory; Liberation; Purification; Renewal| |*Symbol:*|A stylized, five-pointed …

  • Fate

    *_“The Mad”_*
    *Goddess of Fate*
    *_Aspect of [[M’uru]]_*
    *True Neutral*
    |*Race:*|Human| |*Domains:*|Knowledge; War; Competition; Dream; Fate; Illusion; Madness; Mind; Mysticism; Oracle; Pestilence; Spider; Suffering; Time; Tyranny; …

  • Divination

    _*“The Dreamer”*_
    *Goddess of Diviniation*
    *_Minor God under [[Mizrahi]] (also an aspect of [[Fate]])_*
    *True Neutral*
    |*Race:*|Human| |*Domains:*|Knowledge; Magic; Balance; Dream; Fate; Inquisition; Mentalism; Mind; Moon; …

  • God of History

    *God of History*
    _*Aspect of [[Mizrahi]]*_
    *True Neutral*
    |*Race:*|Warforged| |*Domains:*|Knowledge; War; Elf; Dwarf; Halfling; Inquisition; Mentalism; Mind; Rune; Spell; Time| |*Symbol:*| | |*Weapon:*| | |* …

  • Orcus

    *_“Demon Prince of Undeath”_*
    *God of Undeath*
    *_Minor God under [[Asmodeus]]_*
    |*Race:*|Demon Prince| |*Domains:*|Death; Destruction; Evil; Cold; Darkness; Deathbound; Domination; Hatred; Pestilence; Suffering; Undeath| …