Captain Red


Adventure(s): [[Crown of Min]]: #2

Physical Description: She is very tall, easily 6 feet, with golden skin, long ears, and short hair died a bright and unnatural shade of red. She is dressed crisply and cleanly in a relatively formal outfit. A large purple crystal hangs around her neck on a thick leather thong.

Affiliation: Psion’s Guild; Eastern Sun Elves
God: [[Mizrahi]]

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Primary Class: Psion


She’s thourough, effective, and very anal about things on her ship. She’s a fan of zero-tolerance policies on many things. She’s a merchant-captain who owns her own ship.

She has a general distrust of arcane casters.

Her ship (The Valarion) is a large cargo ship. On the side the word Valarion (Elven for Hawk) is painted in Elven script, while the silhouette of a hawk flies beneath it. The word is spelled uniquely, as it is actually the name of the Hawk who interceded with [[M’uru]] on [[Naam-Tien]]’s behalf.

Captain Red

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