Shui is (obviously) a homebrew campaign setting authored by Rose Zemlya and KA Harchak (personal website: Feng’s Shui).

The bulk of the setting information inputted so far can be found under the individual Gods profiled under The Divine Triumverates and eventually under Regions. We’re still working to add more.

The world is still a work in progress, and much of the information contained herein is subject to change as the DMs and our PCs explore it further.

We currently have two active campaigns taking place at the same time (IC and OOC) within Shui:

The Crown of Min (D&D 3.5 for now – conversion to 4E will take place once psions, sorcerors, and barbarians are available for play) is our more work-intense campaign, as it is original in nature (minus the odd pre-published adventure here and there when time is short) and is plot-intensive. The overall story for this campaign will interact with much of what’s posted here eventually.

An as-yet unamed 4E Campaign is also in progress. Currently we’re working through a slightly modifed Keep on the Shadowfell with original PCs to get used to the system, and we’ll see where it branches out from there, though we already have a few ideas…

Visit the individual campaign pages for more information (they can be found under the Wiki).